THAT SOUND - We all love the classic sound of a tube amplifier.  However tube amps are vulnerable to normal aging, being used and abused and getting knocked around during transit.  We use the finest components available for our repairs – Sprauge capacitors, JJ tubes, Switchcraft jacks, Alpha and CTS potentiometers, and Hammond transformers.

RE-CAPPING – Guitar amplifiers use electrolytic capacitors (caps) to store and conduct power.  Over time caps can leak and lose their ability to do this properly resulting in less volume, poor tone and uneven response, and humming.  Re-capping an amplifier (replacing the caps) restores the power supplies back to their original specifications and brings back the volume, tone and attack response the amplifier was manufactured to deliver.  Re-capping makes a world of difference.

RE-TUBING – Tubes are the source of power, tone, warmth and harmonic distortion so sought after by guitar enthusiasts worldwide.  As they age with use, tubes lose “emissions,” which means they deliver less power and tone and lose their warmth.   In severe cases, older tubes can also become microphonic.  Tubes on all our repairs are tested for shorts and weak emissions. 

BIASING – Over time the bias can shift due to tube wear and cathode stripping.  An amplifier with an incorrect bias will cause the tubes to run too hot or too cold causing poor tone and premature tube wear or failure.

CLEANING – A common problem with amplifiers is the build up of dust, carbon or oxide in the potentiometers and jacks.  This causes crackling, popping and even shorting out.  We clean and lubricate these components to revive them.